Debate Mate Online


Over the past nine years, Debate Mate has taught key 21st Century skills [communication (speaking and listening), critical and creative thinking, teamwork and core confidence] to over 60,000 school students and business people across the world. Growing from 300 students in our first year, we now reach 5,000 students each week.  We have additionally trained teachers from over 127 countries and worked with some of the world's leading businesses and professional services firms in their core internal training and development programmes. 

Building on the success of our off-line programme, we're launching Debate Mate Online - an interactive online platform - giving teachers, students and professionals access to our resources, training and activities online.  DM Online is a separate business within Debate Mate.

Officially launching to the education market in January 2018, Debate Mate Online’s cutting-edge platform will provide teachers with access to our interactive digital resources globally. This will enable them to use DM methodology in the classroom. We will also have capacity to deliver training remotely via webinars and collaborative e-learning software – imagine teachers in Shanghai, Mexico City, New York and Lagos all receiving teacher training from our HQ in London.  Our training is proven to be game-changing and will grow through being licensed directly to schools, who will be allowed to provide access to all teachers within the school.  This will appeal to domestic schools, as well as to large-scale networks of international schools who are interested in scale.